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In a fast-moving world, TecnoZone combines a wide industry experience to capture the latest in technology & novelty in design,
into information system solutions that meets the demands of corporate dynamism, to offer positive benchmark results.
Our aim is to provide differentiated high-quality support services and software development to small, medium to large enterprises.


Forsee with right envision with innovation, predict the idea of the future


Ideas are just ideas, Right conceptualization makes the idea into a creatable form


Creation of the concept into concrete is the epertise of TecnoZone. Thats what we do


Result is awesome! TecnoZone make that guarentee


To be the pioneering and leading software solutions company in Malawi, Zambia and other Sub-Saharan African Countries. We are constantly working hard to bring tomorrow’s innovative technology today in to Africa


Exceed client expectations by going beyond IT needs to provide solutions that transform data into knowledge

Versatile Products Portfolio

We focus on categories of products that bring Leadership, Innovation & Creativity such as Point of Sale, ERP, HR & Payroll, Mobile for Sales Force Automation, Advanced Manufacturing & industry specific cross verticals.

Point of Sales System

RetailMax – Retail Management System

RetailMax is comprehensive Retail Management System with Point of Sale module that manages all front-end operations in retail environment. The system can run from single location to multiple outlets and warehouses. All sales and stocks can be managed with the software.
The system can run standalone or can be linked to ERP for financial transactions processing.

For more information please visit www.retailmax.biz

Payroll & HR Solutions

Salario - HR & Payroll System

Employees are vital asset for the organization. Salario caters to basic HR needs and all Payroll needs within the organization. The system comes with comprehensive employee data including employee’s photo and payroll comprises with Loan Management, Leave Management, Payroll Processing for different pay types (monthly, daily, hourly) with different payment frequencies (Month, Fortnight, Week), PAYE Tax calculation, Pension Calculation, etc.

Payslip, PaySheet, Signature Listing, Bank Listing are the main reports among many that can get from the system by click of a button.

Any customized software developments

Customized Software Development

The demand of customized software application development has risen promptly in the last many years. Hence TecnoZone is offering Software Development to cater this sophisticated requirement with specified solution as per the business requisites.

E-Learning Management System and Content Development


Tiphunzire learning management system (LMS) is changing the way people learn. Tiphunzire is designed to power a cohesive L&D strategy, and has been embraced for its ability to satisfy multiple use cases for both internal and external enterprise learning.

For more information please visit www.tiphunzire.com

Insurance Management System

InsPro - Insurance Management System

InsPro System caters to automate full cycle of Insurance business process.
  1. Underwriting
  2. Claims
  3. Treaty and Re-Insurance
  4. Insurance Accounting

Document Archiving and Management System


We know that businesses have diverse document management needs. DocsVault has everything small businesses need in a document management system. It has a self-hosted system that’s compatible with Windows and a cloud-based solution that requires no server installation or maintenance.

Industries We Serve

Plantation / Agriculture
Project Management/ Construction
Transport & Logistics
Wholesale & Distribution
Food & Beverage
Governmental Institutions
Information Technology
Services & Utilities
Tea Industry
Travel & Tours

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