Salario - HR & Payroll System

Pay your staff correctly on time every time with Salario

Every company relies on its staff members, and that’s why businesses must maintain employee trust and confidence with a reliable payroll system. Manual payroll processes are outdated, time-consuming and it’s easy to make costly human errors. Using Salario HR and Payroll system you can manage all employee data in one place and it allows to maintain employee records with personal details, salary data, qualification & experience. Set Basic pay, unlimited allowances & deductions & much more. The payroll management features allow to one-click payroll processing. Easy way to view and print payslips and all other payroll reports.

Salario is designed specifically for small to large sized businesses that are not using complex HR functions, and offers flexibility with easy-to-use facilities that enable you to process your employees’ payments without the need to understand the complexities involved.

The system provides an effective tool to manage people and optimize resources. As business expands, it is crucial to have flexible software for managing the increase payroll and HR demands. Salario is extremely versatile. It comprises of series of a powerful modules that can be configured to suit your payroll requirements.

The system security is taken care of by a comprehensive password control and user management functions. The user-friendly interfaces are used to integrate the database technology with knowledge base technology for strong rules of how to use the Software. The software is fully integrated to the third-party applications such as MS Office applications.
The main features of the system are:
  • The HR component provides full employee data record with photo
  • The capability to reflect the departmental nature of most organizations to establish access levels to data and views of the organization
  • User Friendly Screen Layouts making it easier to use and understand
  • The option to define security levels and audit trails which will safeguard confidential or sensitive information
  • Loan Manager provides comprehensive management of loans to employees based on defined parameters
  • The ability to handle a variety of earnings and deductions such as Allowances, Commissions, PAYE, Pension and Loan deductions taking into account of taxation rules including situations of partial tax exemption etc
  • Payroll Journal is produced for each process level for integration with Accounting System
  • Enhance Security on printing of accountable payroll documents
  • Leave Manager has ability to monitor absenteeism for payroll, management, employee in various categories leave, maternity, sickness all with different rules
  • The ability to manage salary reviews and increases with Global Changes to enable comprehensive management information
  • Secure Database to ensure security of payroll & HR information by developing a secure database structure. This ensures that your Payroll & HR data remains confidential
  • Effective reporting structure provides selection of detailed reports to ensure enhancement of management information system
  • Customized Reports – With built in Radiant Report Designer, end user can create their own reports without having knowledge of systems designing
  • Ability to import/export data to Excel Spreadsheet provides the user with immense flexibility with data
  • Complete electronic document archiving facility under each employee. The powerful module replaces cumbersome paper-based files and facilitates swift reference of all electronic documents archived in the system